products_image In the process of material transfer from unclassified area to classified area pass boxes are used. Pass box is rectangular box with two doors. The two doors are interlocked such a way that two doors cannot be open at the same time, due to which pressure losses and bacterial contamination doesn't take place throughout the material transferring process.

The prevention of simultaneous access of doors is been achieved by our Pass Box controller by ensuring that when one door for a Pass box is open then other door is closed.

1. When Door 1 is opened the display on the Door 2 will indicate "WAIT" and at the Door 1 the display will indicate "DOOR OPEN"
2. When any of the Door is kept open beyond a particular time say 2 min, a buzzer will be blown and the display at the doors will indicate "CLOSE DOOR"
3. When any door is opened the CF lamp is switched on, and the UV lamp will be switched off
4. Both Doors are provided with Electromagnetic locks 5. Blower fan will be ON when door is open


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upc_img MODEL: UPC-117

Universal Dynamic Pass box acts as an air lock device helps in prevention of contaminants entrance either in the clean room or between various classified areas, hence Pass box is a necessary instrument in vaccines, antigens developing (Pharmaceutical) industries, and wherever contamination plays a danger role.

Dynamic Pass box controller prevents ambient air from entering, or clean air from exiting the Pass box by controlling the door locks and built in lights, blower fans, Ultra violet lamp etc Dynamically.

Brief Description:

Dynamic Pass box controller: Model No: UPC-117. UPC-117.Comes in an elegant powder coated MS Box. This can be either wall mounted or panel mounted.

When: UPC-117. Is powered up gives a beep sound that the unit started working. This facility is useful particularly on power resumption after power failure.

UPC-117.Controls, Pass box comes with 2 doors** Generally Pass box doors are locked with electromagnetic locks.

UPC -117. Allows only one door opening at a time. Once a door is opened the other door cannot be opened. A separate emergency switch is provided to open both the doors at the same time.

Once a door is opened CFLamp glows and the blower fan will be turned on to blow the external air not to enter in. **For more doored models contact us @ universal projects & infra solutions

When both the doors are perfectly closed CFLamp as well as blower fan will be switched off and Ultra violet lamp will be switched on to kill pathogens.

Whether the door is opened or not, can be opened or not will be indicated with back LED glow signs.

On power resumption or accidentally if any one or both the doors are not closed properly beeper will give a continuous beep till the doors are closed properly.

Salient features (UPC-117.) :

  • On Power resumption unit gives a single beep sound indicates the Controller started working.
  • Continuous beep indicates the door/doors are not properly closed.
  • When both the doors are closed OPEN LED on the doors indicates that any door can be opened.
  • A feather touch membrane PUSH switch is to be pressed to open the door lock.
  • Once the door switch is pressed and did not attempt to open the door due to any reason within 10 seconds doors will be locked automatically.
  • Once a door is opened OPEN LED Glows on that particular door and WAIT LED Glows on the other door.
  • When the door is opened CFlamp glows for the visibility and the blower fan starts.
  • UVLamp will be switched off automatically.
  • When both doors are closed properly UV lamp will be switched on, CFLamp and blower will be switched off.
  • If any door/doors opened for more than specified time (1to 30minutes presettable) an intermittent beeper will be activated and can be resetted only after closure of the doors properly.


Power Supply:


Switch mode power supply works from 90 to 260 volts A.C.50Hz. Secondary:

24Volts.DC.1Amp, for the used for Controlling Relay Contactors and electromagnetic door locks.

5Volts. DC.750ma, uses for controlling Microcontroller and other intelligent sensing circuits.

Display Indication:

OPEN  back light LED on the doors indicates that either of the doors of the pass box can be opened

WAIT  back light LED indicator Glows means that the particular door should not be opened as the other door of the Pass box is opened

OPEN  back light LED Glows indicates either the particular door of the Pass box is opened or not properly closed

Audio Buzzer Indication:

A single short time beep indicates the power is resumed after the power failure or unit is switched on and the Pass box controller started working.

A continuous beep indicates that • Either of the door/doors of the Pass box is opened or not properly closed. • Door latching electromagnetic lock is not working properly • An emergency switch is activated and the doors are opened.

An intermittent beep is the alarm that the door opening time** duration of the pass box is over and the door is to be closed

**Opening time duration is pre settable at factory level only.(presently it is 5minutes)

En closure Details:

Enclosure is made up of malleable steel with elegant powder coating

Enclosure can be rack /wall mountable


Opening the enclosure of the pass box is hazardous as the mains power supply is presents inside the Pass box.

  • No user parts are there in the enclosure.
  • Servicing should be done by the authorized professional person.
  • Attempting to service ☠ or opening the Pass box controller lapses the warranty.


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In the process of material transfer from unclassified area to classified area pass boxes are used.

Pass box is rectangular box with two doors.The two doors are interlocked

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